Law clinic

The student scientific academic laboratory “Law clinic” was formed in January 2003.

The head of the clinic is the senior lecturer of the department of civil- law disciplines is Vasil'yeva Ludmila Petrovna, the supervising professor s –lecturers MokharevA.N., PasinkovA.V. and others.

The lawers Galchenya N.V. and Lagoons V.M. are in charge of the work of the “clinic”.

The major tasks of the laboratory are:

1.The development of students ‘professional skills .

2. The formation of such necessary qualities as responsibility, patriotism, humanism, sociability and others.

3. The training of law culture in order to prevent offenses.

4. The rendering of law redress to low-income and other socially unprotected population.

5. The participation in the scientific research work of the university.

The main mode of operation of the “clinic” is the interactive training of students in the methods of the solution of concrete law situations. It is directed toward the acquisition of the skills not only in the field of future professional activity, but also in the field of scientific work, the development of creative activity, the growth of intellectual potential and ideological training.

The reference direction of the activity is the consulting of citizens.

Law consulting of citizens reflects the tendency of the law department to the implementation of different social programs.

The main content of this activity is rendering of the free law aid in the form of consultation to the low-income and socially unprotected population ( retirees, unemployed, condemned, minors, the students of institutions, future and young mothers, etc).

The consulting of citizens from different social groups is accomplished on public principles by senior students of law under the direction of experienced lecturers and practicing lawyers.

The students- clinicians combine theoretical learning with obtaining of skills and experience in consulting of citizens, communication with the clients, law letter technique ,etc.

Correspondence lawyer

The purpose of the program “Correspondence lawyer” is the answers to the letters of those condemned that serve sentence in the institutions of confinement of Republic of Belarus'.

This category of people does not obtain the law aid in the place of the service sentence. That’s why the program is one of a few possibilities for them to obtain the qualified and sufficiently fast law aid. Citizens send letters with questions from the entire territory of the country.

The law aid after sentence 

The chief aim of the program is rendering of law aid to women, condemned to imprisonment, in the female colony in Gomel IR -4.

The program has a special importance, since the category of people indicated is completely deprived of the possibility to obtain law consulting with professional lawyers. The law clinic composed of students- clinicians, moderators of clinic and a lawyer attends the colony once a month.

The Living Law

The project “The Living Law” in 2005. In the network of the law clinic as the section, which is occupied with the training of freshmen.

After the progress of instruction in the section “The Living Law” the students become participants of the clinic. Just this step by step instruction ensures the greatest efficiency.

The head and the organiser of the section is the lecturer of the department of civil- law disciplines Shustova Christina Mikhaylovna.

The basic activities of the section “The Living Law” are:

1. The training of the students of law for the teaching of law.

2. The teaching of law at schools and the social organizations.

The development of scientific- law thought

 The students- clinicians actively deal with the scientific studies, connected with law enforcement, what is manifested in their participation in the republic and international theoretical and practical conferences and seminars and in the availability of publications.