The History of the Formation of the Faculty of Law

09/01/1991 – the speciality “Law” is opened at the Faculty of History.

09/01/1993 – the Deparment of Law is opened at the Faculty of History and Law.

09/01/1995 – the opening of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law (the first Supervisor Chair was Trukhov V.A.)

06/30/1996 – the first graduation of the students of the speciality “Law” took place.

07/01/1998 – the Faculty of Law based on the Faculty of History and Law is opened (the first Dean was Kluchnikov Y.A., Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor).

02/15/1999 – the Department of Civil Disciplines based on the Department of Law is provided (the first Supervisor Chair was Shuleyko S.H., Ph.D.).

05/31/1999 – the postgraduate study in 7 law specialities is opened in F. Skaryna GSU according to the State Surprime Attestation Commission’s decision.