Faculty brochure (.pdf)

The specialty «Jurisprudence» was opened in 1991.

The Faculty of Law was founded in 1998 by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Today the faculty provides high-quality teaching to more than 600 undergraduates and about 150 postgraduate students.

Our graduates hold office in law-enforcing and state authority bodies, courts, in the Bar, notary, some of them go onto further studies abroad. More than 50% of the employees working at the Investigative Committee and prosecution agencies are the graduates of the Law Faculty of the Francisk Scorina Gomel State University.

Our teaching staff of 40 members includes 4 Doctors of Law, 20 Candidates of Law, 18 Associate Professors.

 Irina Igorevna Esmantovich, The Dean of the faculty of law

At the first stage of higher education the following specializations are available:

- Structure and Activities of State Bodies;
- Courts, Prosecution and Investigation;
- Business Regulation;
- Bar and Notary;
- Taxation and Banking Law.

At the second stage of higher education (Master’s Program) the specialty «Jurisprudence» is available.
Training along the Research Degree (PhD) Program is organized through 4 specialties.

The educational process is provided by four departments:

- The Department of Theory and History of State and Law;
- The Department of Civil-Law Disciplines
- The Department of Criminal Law and Process
- The Department of Politology and Sociology

To train highly qualified specialists the university offers post-graduate courses on 7 law specialties in which six candidate dissertations have been undertaken. The faculty perfectly combines practical experience of such lectures as V.A.Syzonenko, I.V.Nemkevich, E.A.Kovaleva, O.M.Savkin and the energy of young lecturers.

The faculty cooperates with many universities and organizations: Belarusian state University, The Academy of public administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Grodno state University named after Yanka Kupala, Law Institute of Saint Petersburg, the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of state and law, The Academy Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs and many others.

The faculty cooperates with a number of international research centers and institutes not only in Belarus but in near and far-aboard countries. Close ties are built with the Southwest State University (Kursk), the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation), the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk), the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Lund, Sweden), the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) (Kaunas, Lithuania), The University of Bialystok (Poland), The University of Tirana (Albania) (cooperative projects, conferences, exchange of scientists).

Professors and Doctors of Legal Sciences from Minsk and Grodno carry out scientific supervision of post-graduate students, they also come to share their experiences and meet with students of the faculty. Such Professors and Doctors of Legal Sciences as G.A.Vasylevich, V.G.Tykhynya, A.F.Vyshnevskyj, V.I.Shabajlov, S.V.Boriko presented their lectures. Doctors of Legal Sciences N.V.Sylchenko and S.F.Sokol and others took the candidate exams.

Our departments have established business contacts with law enforcement authorities who are also interested in training of lawyers for the Polesie region. When studying the subjects of criminal law cycle students have the opportunity to visit test areas of the Department of Internal Affairs where they personally together with young investigators learn to examine places of incidents, identify signs, fingerprints and other details of their future specialty. A great number of employees of Internal Affairs bodies, Prosecutor's offices, notariate, court of the Gomel region are the Law faculty graduates of Gomel State University. Graduates of the faculty work in Republican office of public Prosecutor, the ministries, some of them continue their studies in universities in France and the UK. All graduates successfully pass the exams for judges and notaries.

The lecturers of the faculty are interested in training specialists who have practical skills and abilities by the end of their studies. Innovative teaching methods are widely used for that.

The branches of the chairs created on the basis of the Main Department of Justice of Gomel Regional Executive Committee, the Procurator’s Office of the Gomel Region, the Investigative Committee of the Gomel region, the Economic Court of the Gomel region contribute to the training of  high-quality specialists.

For the first-year-students training of their oratory skills formation is carried out – every Thursday meetings of the Debate club are held.

From the second year students have the opportunity to participate in educational clinics on propaganda of legal knowledge among young people "Living law". Cooperation agreements have been signed with 7 schools and gymnasiums of the city, the Central children's library, where 3-4 year-students regularly give classes.

Starting from 2007-2008 academic year a new branch appeared – students of law faculty give public lectures for the students of Gomel State University named after F. Scorina that are part of the information group of the Administration of Gomel Central district.

Starting from the third year, having already some foundations of legal knowledge students study in educational-scientific laboratory "Legal clinic". Graduates of the students’ educational-scientific laboratory are already trained for practical work in courts, legal profession, lawyers in organizations. They have enough skills in legal writing, work with normative legal acts. Thus, the students of the faculty have the opportunity not only to get theoretical knowledge, but to master practical skills, in fact without leaving the university. 

In December 2007 the Law Faculty was awarded with a honorary diploma of the Republican Union of lawyers for active work on legal education. In October 2008 the faculty was awarded with a diploma of the first degree for participation in the exhibition "Innovations in legal education".

Basic research areas for lecturers’ scientific-research work have been established. The faculty’s subject GB 06-11"Legal ensuring of sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus" has been approved.

In April 2006, the faculty had the First Republican scientific-practical conference "Legal regulation of sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus in the context of integration processes". In April 2008, the international scientific-practical conference "International legal regulation of migration and national interests of the Republic of Belarus in the context of integration processes" took place.

The lecturers of the faculty are actively involved in research work. The lecturers of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines closely cooperate with the Department of Economic Theory (the head of the department is B.V.Sorvirov) in the following scientific areas

   - legal issues of securities secondary market;
   - social entrepreneurship in market and transition economies;
   - mortgage lending.

At the Department of Political Sociology, Associate Professor Kasyanenko A.P. carries out active research. He is involved in the International farming programme and has worked out ideas for the development of agro-tourism in the Gomel region.

The lectures of the faculty participate in scientific works competitions:

- In 2005 Tsykunov I.N. and Afonchenko T.P. won the competition on the award of the most talented and young scientists of Gomel region in the field of social-humanitarian disciplines;
- In 2006 Krasnobaeva L.A. and Kravchenko G.T. became laureates of the International contest "CIS 15 years – cooperation and prospects", in The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus;
- In 2007 Mikhailov D.I. won the competition on the award of the most talented and young scientists of Gomel region in the field of social-humanitarian disciplines.
- In 2008 Fedotov V.A. became the winner Skorina readings;
- In 2009 Mikhailov D.I. became a scholarship holder of the Presidential Fund for young scientists support.

Much attention is paid to student’s research. Every year student conferences on legal science devoted to the Belarusian lawyer V. Spasovych are held. Such competitions of student’s research as "The Legal thought of the Gomel region", "Contemporary legal thought" have become regular. Students are seriously interested in scientific research.

Different students’ scientific circles work in all the departments of the faculty:

- the students’ research Laboratory «The Centre of comparative and legal investigation»;
- the Forensic Science Laboratory;
- the students’ Sociological Laboratory;
- the students’ Scientific Circle on International Law.

On the eve of Lawyer's Day it has already become a good tradition for the faculty to have meetings with law enforcement personnel, attorneys and courts, justice bodies; to organize the Faculty Days with the graduates and honoring the best students and lecturers of the faculty.

On the eve of Fatherland Defender Day, Victory Day and Gomel Liberation Day meetings with Great Patriotic War veterans are regulary held; students take active part in such special events.

The students of the faculty regularly participate in numerous regional, national and international scientific conferences.  Every year the teams of our students take prize-winning places at the  international contests in oratory «Сicero», the Republican Olympiad for law students, the  Belarussian  students’ contest in mediation and negotiations «Mediation of the Future», etc. 

The final step that presents the results of the students’ scientific research is the Republic-wide competition of student research papers on natural, technical and human sciences where the students of the law faculty repeatedly obtain diplomas of 1, 2 and 3 degree.

The scientific research of our students is aimed at the training of high-quality practically oriented specialists who can confirm the efficiency of the young but perspective law faculty.

Scientific-research work of law faculty students aims to train highly qualified practitioners who will be the main proof of the effective work of a new but promising law faculty.

In 2007 the faculty team got the first prize in the Second National competition on International humanitarian law. The faculty students’ team Lynces justae has for several years got the first prizes at students’ legal competitions in Minsk and Grodno.

For special achievements in studies, research work and public life of the University law students are annually awarded scholarships and fellowships of the University Council.

Our students are aware of the significance of their profession and have an active position in life. They work as assistant investigators in the Procurator’s Office and the Investigative Committee, help the law-enforcement authorities in the operative crime detection activities.